The campaign for a Million Eco Projects

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Bhoomi Network is launching a web portal, called a ‘Million Eco Projects’ at the Bhoomi Unconference in Bangalore on 27th and 28th January, 2012

What are eco projects?

Eco projects help preserve natural resources like water, trees, soil, respect Nature’s cycles through waste management, organic gardening and so on…they are a way of living with ecological wisdom, of living sustainably on Earth.

We also think of Eco projects as ‘real eco projects’ when they are hands-on and real-life projects, not  academic assignments or reports.

Why Eco Projects?


The wholistic answer:


“Our problems are simply too complex, interconnected and pervasive to be solved from on high: they require the ingenuity and exuberant engagement of billions of us”

- Frances Lappe Moore

What is the campaign for a million eco projects?

It is a way we can all participate – children, youth, adults, in schools, colleges and other spaces – in doing our bit to live responsibly on Mother Earth. An attempt to build consciousness about sustainable living.

The aim of this campaign is to get a million eco projects registered on the portal. The time limit set for this goal is 10 years.

Who can join this campaign?

Anyone can join the campaign for a million eco projects - even those who do not plan to start an eco project now... you may inspire someone else or you may start one sometime later... Every project counts.

While our team at Bhoomi Network is initiating the Million Eco Projects Portal, a campaign as ambitious as this can come alive only with the participation of millions of us.

You can join as an individual, group, NGO, school or college, Corporate  or Government Department/ organisation.


What are the kinds of eco projects that can be submitted?

Your Eco project at home, the roadside, school, college, organization, Government – just about anywhere you or a group of people have made a difference – can be entered as an Eco-project for the portal.

Various categories of portals are provided in the web portal

How can we participate?

Check out the Million Eco Projects Web Portal. ( You will find plenty of ideas, facilitators and inspiring stories that can get you started.

You can submit information about your project when it is completed / has been commissioned by simply clicking on the ‘Submit Projects’ button. You can also participate by sharing any ideas you may have for the campaign and Web Portal.


Oh, I am already into eco projects!

Then help others start some… look up the Million Eco Projects Portal, become a facilitator and share your knowledge and wisdom!


If I am not into eco-projects, what else can I find here?

Innumerable links to fascinating videos, websites, projects and possibilities of connecting with people whom you find interesting. Participate, share and learn a whole new way of sustainable living.

What is the Million Eco Projects Web Portal all about?


This web portal helps a person begin an eco project and answers basic questions of what to do and how to get started. The web portal is a space to explore, connect, act and share and also document eco projects to build consciousness about the importance of sustainable living. The Portal is looking for every initiative from a micro mini project like maintaining a terrace garden to introducing solar powered e-grids for a State.

Small projects are important too, because building consciousness is a process...

I don’t have a project to submit but am interested in sharing my experience and work

Great. Please blog, register with your email id, own your space in the million eco projects, be a facilitator, offer support, join in any way you wish to - you will discover many possibilities in the Portal.

How can I network with others in my field of work?

The Portal is symbolic of thousands of Eco-conscious people coming together.

Using the Portal as a vehicle we can journey through thousands of Eco-focused initiatives, use innumerable links for websites, videos and useful information… and most of all it will be created by all of us together.


How else can I contribute/volunteer?

The Bhoomi Eco-Projects Portal is a large venture co-owned by many - it needs to be held as “commons” by many to access as well as foster. You can be part of it by-

Sending in information about your / your group’s project

Sending in information about others’ eco-projects

Motivating your group / others to take up an Eco-project and list it in our portal.

Using it as an educational aid

Join in conversations, debates, conferences and programmes announced in the portal.

Suggest ways to improve the portal.

* While ‘commons’ refers to spaces and resources that are collectively shared between people in a community, there is no commons without community and no community without commons.

* Phase I of the portal will be up for public view on January 27th, 2012.