Green Schools around the World: The Movement in numbers

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In environmental circles, one hears often about green schools or eco-schools. We are talking here of schools that practise principles of green living, not ones which merely include environmental sciences as an academic subject. Since Governments do not have documented data about such schools, we decided to look up websites. NGOs and International Organisations supported by the UN do have some data, which we present below.

The list is impressive! Our guess is, there must be at least Schools enrolled as Green / Eco Schools with National and International Organisations a 100,000 schools around the world which care to live out some ideals of sustainable living and caring for Mother Earth. Our data includes Green / Eco-schools of various kinds depending upon the programmes designed by the NGOs, but the information we have given below is by no means comprehensive. We could not however get data on individual schools and passionate teachers who on their own initiative are doing marvelous work in their schools around the world – and we are sure there are many!