Million Eco-projects

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To encourage children, youth, teachers, NGOs, Corporates and others to share with the world the eco projects they have worked on. To be a platform and a space for people to network and share their thoughts, ideas and projects from across the globe.



Your Eco project at your home, your backyard, roadside, school, college, organization – just about anywhere you and your group made a difference – can be entered as an eco-project for the portal.


Eco-Project Areas:

Energy resources, Green Architecture, Green Gadgets/Products, Upcycling /recycling, Gift Economy, water management, waste& pollution management, tree  planting, afforestation, food and nutrition, organic/natural farming, organic gardening, advocacy, Public Interest litigation, Role-modeling and more…


How else can I contribute:

The Bhoomi Eco-Projects Campaign is a joint venture.

You can be part of it by:

> Sending in information about your / your group’s project

> Sending in information about others’ eco-projects

> Supporting the Web Portal with sponsorships (Rs. 1000 or more)

> Motivating your group/others to take up an eco-project

and list it in our Web Portal


Have you been involved in
a real-life eco-project?

As a student, in your school or college, as an NGO, homemaker, corporate organization or individual? Or wish to begin one?

Are you interested in sharing your experience and your work with the rest of the world? Perhaps inspire or be of help to others?

Would you like to network with others in your field of work ?


Be a part of the Million Eco-projects Web Portal

Connect, Learn, Share (From Anywhere on Earth)

by sending in information about your eco-project  (just one page) for the Million Eco-projects Portal. This Portal will also be symbolic of thousands of eco-conscious people coming together…and through this portal we can visit zillions of eco-focussed websites, use innumerable links for videos and useful information… and most of all it will be created by all of us together. In short it will be a really fantastic resource!


Attend the Million Eco-projects UNCONFERENCE

Dates:  27th and 28th January 2012,

Venue: The Prakriya School Campus, Off Sarjapura Road, Bangalore - 560 035

This unusual event basically is an ‘unconference’ for young eco-heroes and for the young-at-heart teachers and others who want to work with the youth. The unconference will be full of ‘interaction stalls’ – simultaneous sessions, where you can share your project experiences and have plenty of opportunities to connect with people and ideas you find meaningful. And music, dance, art, fun – essential for an unconference will make it an unforgettable experience for you!


How to join in?

Email us at 
for a submission form

If not email, you can send us pigeon mail or simply send us a self addressed envelope to the address below:

Bhoomi Network

c/oPrakriya School Campus, Chikkanayakanahalli Road,

Off Doddakaneli,

Sarjapura Road
Bangalore- 560 035.