A New Begnning

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'Bhoomi' is a space that we need in these time when the human race is faced with range of social, psycological, economic and other crises with the mind boggling climate change crises leading the way. The power center of the world do not seem to be able to deal with these crises with conviction and strength.

But all around us, gradually, but sure, we find individuals and groups and NGOs and other working to build to do their bit about a whole range of problems. We find activists fighting for environmental concerns and people starting vegetable garden on terraces, we see schools taking their EVS projects seriously and there are huge farmers collectives working to birng in millets to deal with climate change. A few corporates are joining in, travelling by train rather than fly or attempting to reduce paper wastage in their offices.

At Bhoomi Network, we feel we can be a 'funnel', receiving information all about the heartening activities, experiences and reflections of people and offering it to many others - a way of walking together.

Thich Nat Han, the Vietanam Buddhist monk, a poet, and a scholar said,"the flower is made up of non flower things" - we could as well say that this magazine is made of "non - magazine things". Behind all the articles in this magazine are people who have brought their commitment and caring to others and to Bhoomi, our planet, in various ways. We are thankful to all of them for having joined in so readily the make this first issue happen, to have helped convert an idea into relality. We are thankful also to all the speakers, the farmers, the NGOs, schools and others who have joined  in at the Bhoomi Network's " Be the Change" Conference on Food, Health and Climate Change, where the Bhoomi Magazine will be launched.

In particular, we are thankful to Shri Satish Kumar, who has been a great inspiration to us and to immumerable people in the world, through his life, his work and writing. The unique Resurgence Magazine of which he has been the editor and guiding spirit for more than two decades, we have kept in our minds as kind of "mother magazine" as we worked. We are happy that he will be here with us to receive and release the inaugural issue of Bhoomi

We, in the Bhoomi Team, have loved every bit of working for Bhoomi, the magazine. Hope you enjoyed it and share your enjoyment with others you know.