Rema Kumar

Rema Kumar

Rema Kumar is a educationist with over 20 years of expereince. She has been involved with  Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore since its initial years. She is currently the Director, Bhoomi college.

A passionate teacher who has keen interest in deep ecology and education for sustainability.

“Though a new term, it is embedded in ancient wisdom. Archeological evidence suggested that there were many ancient societies where women were not considered subordinate to men; where Earth was treated with respect and reverence and not as an object to exploite and dominate. ”

Building ‘water intelligence’ in future generations has to begin with home, schools and colleges in this era of formal and structured education. Rema Kumar, a passionate educationist who believes that Education can still be part of the solution writes an open Letter to Parents, Educators and Curriculum Planners.

Dear All,

Isn’t this time of ecological crises a time for active engagement and opportunity for deep involvement, particularly in the field of education, asks Rema Kumar

A telecom engineer with expertise in Internet security systems in the Silicon City of India, one would imagine, was a person who lived out what the majority of us do, in these times: the consumerist dream... with no qualms whatsoever. K.P. Singh, however, chose to respond to his calling and take the road less travelled. He quit his job and got involved completely in social and civic causes and has been engaged in building oases of responsible communities in our arid urban landscapes.

“Travellers, there is no path!
Paths are made by walking…”    - Antonio Machado

I had looked forward to attending the Vikalp Sangam, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, as it promised to be a confluence of alternatives from various sectors and fields. The four -day meet was organized to ‘help build bridges amongst various groups, help them learn from each other, and together present a challenge to the mainstream system.’ I had hoped that I would be led to real, inspiring stories of hope and change.

Rema Kumar shares her experience of getting her students to reflect on the curriculum given to them by the school system and re-work for themselves more meaningful ways of learning about Mother Earth.

Rumi, the Sufi poet and saint is believed to have said that when you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. Satish Kumar's book 'You Are Therefore I Am' is truly a joy and leaves the reader feeling nourished and inspired by its soulfulness and simplicity. The book traces the spiritual journey of Satish Kumar – child monk, peace pilgrim, ecological activist and educator.

We have come full circle. We are again in touch with an essential truth that our ancestors knew without a shadow of doubt: the life-giving and healing power of food to nourish and sustain us and the fact that food can truly be our medicine.

Happiness & The Art of Being

Can one define happiness? Can it be measured? Is it an individual’s inherent disposition? Are feelings of well-being linked to our earnings or situation in life? These are questions that humankind has been grappling with for eternity.

By Rema Kumar