Seetha Ananthasivan

Seetha Ananthasivan

Seetha Ananthasivan has a deep interest in understanding how we can build communities which are coherent with Nature's principles. She is passionate about the development of eco-psychology as well as organic food and farming. She is Founder-Trustee of the Bhoomi College and Founder-Director of Prakriya Green Wisdom School and Bhoomi Network and Editor of the Eternal Bhoomi Magazine.

We of the older generation are not handing over Planet Earth in very good shape to our children. Worse, we have handed over dreams of success and achievement that are not going to help them with real issues in their lives – real issues of dealing with cleaning up and cooling down our earth.

Milk, which was considered the perfect food, has now fallen from its pedestal.

In India, the land of Krishna, the cowherd-God, milk is sacred. Milk is used for worship in temples and as offering at prayer time in homes. Milk is equally venerated in other countries – notably the US and Holland, where the per capita consumption is the highest in the world.

In this era of oil, technology and information, all of us are busy all the time. There is so much to do, so many demands from within and without, and we need all the comforts and entertainment we can get to avoid falling off the treadmill of daily work. It is also an era of specialization and division of labour. Engineers know little of social sciences, eye specialists don’t know the work of bone specialists, and most of us in cities do not know how the farmers grow our grain, where our food comes from or what exactly is in it.

The first issue every year has the same theme as the Bhoomi Conference (or Unconference) – this year, the focus is on the Campaign for a Million Eco Projects. The web portal will be integral to this campaign, to document eco projects and faciliate the end user to explore, connect, act and share.