Sinduja Krishnan

Sinduja Krishnan

The corporation is a nameless, faceless entity, has the characteristics of a psychopath, takes over the commons to extend control, and has the single-minded aim of profit – that, in essence, is the story behind Corporations of the world.

With commentary from critical thinkers, scientists and philosophers like Milton Friedman, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky among others, this movie examines the role of the corporation from many different angles – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our extremely anthropocentric civilisation has alienated us from Nature in every way possible, including the way we look at our bodies, our food and health. But there have always been people, ashrams and various communitites who knew that an eco-centric way of life is essential to live sustainably on Earth – and their tribe is gradually increasing today. Several centres around the world offer opportunities to those interested to rejuvenate themselves and learn how Nature’s ways, if only we understand them, are the best for our wellness.

not even notice it. We give our own overlying air-ocean so little respect that we even describe anything that is full of air as being empty.”
Gabrielle Walker, An Ocean of Air

In what has become his trademark incorrigible style in documentaries, filmmaker Michael Moore is standing outside the tall glass façade, with a red megaphone in hand, screaming, “This is Michael Moore, and I am here to make a citizen’s arrest of the Board of Directors of AIG”. When he is unable to get through the gates, he runs a “Crime Scene – Do Not Cross” tape around the entire block of buildings, making his point quite clear – that men who occupy high posts on the Wall Street are nothing less than criminals.

ur architecture takes immense inspiration from nature. The tallest trees help us vision the world’s tallest buildings and the flying pattern of a dragonfly gives us the wisdom to build helicopters. Most of our achievements have been from nature and yet, we barely understand it.