“Travellers, there is no path!
Paths are made by walking…”    - Antonio Machado

I had looked forward to attending the Vikalp Sangam, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, as it promised to be a confluence of alternatives from various sectors and fields. The four -day meet was organized to ‘help build bridges amongst various groups, help them learn from each other, and together present a challenge to the mainstream system.’ I had hoped that I would be led to real, inspiring stories of hope and change.

The crisis in global environmentalism has deepened more than ever before. While some advocate a ‘return to the earth’ path, involving lifestyle changes to save global population from starvation, others put forth a strong case for tough regulations through proper institutional frameworks for realizing a larger, shared global sustainability. However, there is no denial of the fact that environmental crisis is increasingly becoming globalised and local initiatives, although important, are not enough to address the present crisis.