Book Review

Optimism empowers, whilst pessimism disempowers says eco-spiritual leader, Satish Kumar.

History speaks of this fact very clearly. Behind every great transformation a band of committed and active optimists worked day and night to realise their vision of a new social order. And in the end their once radical and marginal movements became mainstream realities.

Noted environmental educator David W. Orr focuses not on problems in education, but on the problem of education, says Eric Wilson, as he reviews the book 

Earth in Mind * by David Orr...

While I started the book last summer (and thought I had lost the library copy until a co-worker serendipitously pulled it out of his bag), there have 

been a number of fascinating quotes and concepts throughout the book. I finished by reading the last 40 pages of the book over the past week. Earth in 

Mind is a compilation of essays, many of which are brief, but informative. 

Rumi, the Sufi poet and saint is believed to have said that when you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. Satish Kumar's book 'You Are Therefore I Am' is truly a joy and leaves the reader feeling nourished and inspired by its soulfulness and simplicity. The book traces the spiritual journey of Satish Kumar – child monk, peace pilgrim, ecological activist and educator.

In a Culture of 'more, more and more', even the idea of happiness has turned into an endless quest for more of it, says Tim Stobbs, as he reviews the book Enough by John Naish


Rivers were once sacred; myths spouted from their waters, rituals from birth to death were woven in their fabric, and the promise of convenient irrigation and abundant life teeming in its body became the reason for people settling down on its banks. This relationship has undergone a change: today, a river is viewed as little more than a ‘resource’ and in many cases, a dumping ground for industries along its banks.
What are we doing to our rivers, symbolic of fresh water and swarming life?