Many ancients worshipped the sun. In modern times such beliefs would be held as primitive. But during the last decade, there has been a robust and growing body of research that is reestablishing the sun’s central place in our lives - through Vitamin D, which our bodies can produce only in the presence of sunlight.
There are scientists who believe that if ever there is a top nutrient contest, it would be Vitamin D that would win hands down.

As 74 year-old Anna Hazare broke his fast in Delhi’s historic Ram-Lila Maidan after 13 days, one message was impossible to miss: cynicism can’t. Not in a country with an overwhelmingly young population.

Over the past fortnight, as tens of thousands of people from all walks of life spilt onto the streets, many questions were raised: about the direction taken by this mass agitation against corruption, the ethics of team Anna’s  methods, the mertis and demerits of various Lokpal proposals.