Decoding Development

Wellbeing means rejecting the illusory, consumerist notions of limitless growth.
Much conventional economics is focused on market based competition, money and profit – all predicated on the illusory notion of limitless economic growth. The results, in too many cases, are inequality and social conflicts, environmental degradation, and even wars.

India’s Scientific and Technical Traditions

Several profoundly complex societies today are measured by only one yardstick: development. The western societies are considered “developed” countries and the rest are euphemistically called “developing countires”, if they are not totally “undeveloped”. Today with the world grappling with climate change caused principally by the ill effects of “modern development”, in what sense can one assess the so-called developing countries within the parameteres of a single development model?

Bhoomi Network is launching a web portal, called a ‘Million Eco Projects’ at the Bhoomi Unconference in Bangalore on 27th and 28th January, 2012

What are eco projects?

Eco projects help preserve natural resources like water, trees, soil, respect Nature’s cycles through waste management, organic gardening and so on…they are a way of living with ecological wisdom, of living sustainably on Earth.