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What is Holistic Science and its relevance to today’s world?

[Modern] Science from the start wanted to see itself as the new container for the story ofmodernity. And this container could be seen in two ways. Either it could be the short term container of materialism, holding an increasingly fragmented basket of things, or it could be the long term container of wisdom, gleaned from the long path of learning, of breakdown and healing, on which we have come.

Holding our stories

The characteristic of a truly sustainable city is, first and foremost, that it powers itself entirely by means of renewable energy systems. Herbert Girardet encourages us to make a quick switch to renewable energy to power our houses, our urban transport systems and our daily way of life.

What are the three qualities that should characterize a sustainable city?

Good science, like good religion, is a journey of discovery, a quest. It builds on traditions from the past. But it is most effective when it recognizes how much we do not know, when it is not arrogant but humble.

Why Bad Science Is Like Bad Religion

It takes around 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce just one pair of regular blue jeans.  To grow the cotton required for an ordinary cotton shirt is not as bad as for jeans, but it still takes a whopping 400 gallons of water.

There has been something unconvincing about orderly shapes like triangles and squares: we find them in textbooks, in the way children in schools are made by teachers to assemble and disperse, but never in life itself. Life is actually wild, messy and labyrinthine, no matter what sort of  lens we view it through. The branches of a tree are bit like its roots – and also like the path of a river and the inside of our lungs. The question of form, of patterns of patterns, becomes a suddenly universal one, at once abstract and extremely realistic.

The Internet’s profound influence on our cognitive abilities is turning us into adept multitaskers, but at the cost of imagination, creativity and in-depth thinking

ur architecture takes immense inspiration from nature. The tallest trees help us vision the world’s tallest buildings and the flying pattern of a dragonfly gives us the wisdom to build helicopters. Most of our achievements have been from nature and yet, we barely understand it.