Apr Jun 2013

Apr Jun 2013
Good for us.. Good for the Planet

The development dream has such a strong hold on us that even when its products have been harmful to us, we continue to be addicted to them. Here are 9 ways that will be important in the future as ways to live more harmoniously on our Planet - with all the reasons why they would be good for us too. They help us re-imagine the future as well!



From the early years of the 20th century, there have been several great visionaries who realized that our modern civilization was overstepping its limits of exploitation and consumption on earth. From Tolstoy and Gandhiji to Schumacher and the Limits to Growth report, there were several warnings that we were headed towards disaster, unless we changed course to a more sustainable path.

Big problems are consequences of small actions. Global warming and food insecurity are big problems but they are a result of the small activities we perform every day.