Apr Jun 2014

Apr Jun 2014
The Future of our Children

What are some of the processes, technologies and systems that will affect the future of our children significantly! What can be done to nuture a world-view and ideas that ensures the well being of our children and planet Earth. Can we evolve a philosophy, a science, a religion that will foster sustainable and just world

Some articles in this issue offer thoughts to reflect on it


Our modern globalised economic world has failed our children terribly. 1.5 million children die of hunger every year around the world, 28% of children in developing countries are malnourished,  and millions are without drinking water, or in abject poverty. Why is it that a relentless focus on economic growth has not trickled down in all these decades as promised by economic globalization to those most in need? Even with middle-class citizens, while the modern world may have brought us many comforts, conveniences and toys, it has brought in many new problems and anxieties as well.

Lavanya Keshavamurthy writes about Ananya Mehta who started her organic garden thirteen years ago and has now made it her mission to inspire others to take up gardening and farming.

 Garden City Farmer

Noted environmental educator David W. Orr focuses not on problems in education, but on the problem of education, says Eric Wilson, as he reviews the book 

Earth in Mind * by David Orr...

While I started the book last summer (and thought I had lost the library copy until a co-worker serendipitously pulled it out of his bag), there have 

Us modern global folk love to move about from place to place and have all become very mobile: we all have mobile phones, travel hours to works each day, send our kids to the best school the other side of town, regularly visit our families the other side of the country, look for new jobs and opportunities far a field, go off on exciting overs