Jan Mar 2010

Jan Mar 2010
Focus on Food



'Bhoomi' is a space that we need in these time when the human race is faced with range of social, psycological, economic and other crises with the mind boggling climate change crises leading the way. The power center of the world do not seem to be able to deal with these crises with conviction and strength.

The correlation between hunger and economic growth is robustly positive - the greater the economic growth, the greater the number of people going to bed hungry. This challenges the widely held view that economic growth pulls the poor out of poverty and hunger.

A four-day cooking workshop at Navadarshanam in Bangalore emphasizes that healthy food can be quite delicious

In this era of oil, technology and information, all of us are busy all the time. There is so much to do, so many demands from within and without, and we need all the comforts and entertainment we can get to avoid falling off the treadmill of daily work. It is also an era of specialization and division of labour.

I think the very first thing to recognize about food is that it is the very basis of life, and this is something that ecologists often forget. They treat food as one thing and Nature as wilderness somewhere else: the assumption is if you produce food you cannot have Nature, if you have Nature you cannot meet human needs.