Jan Mar 2011

Jan Mar 2011
What's a Good Life


All around us, the notion of a ‘good life’ includes exotic foods, big vehicles, lots of travelling, big buildings, designer homes, and factories to produce an uncountable variety of things, and electricity, coal and gas to make all this possible - all to keep pace with our faster lifestyles. Individually, we may ‘seek happiness’ in a range of directions, but collectively most of the developed / developing world looks for a host of material comforts to lead a good life.

Crafting a Chair

By Sudarshan Juyal

It began about six-seven years ago…

This article examines two basic aspects of mental perception which can be part of our training and educational processes – to live wisely on earth.


By Seetha Ananthasivan

What is DEEP Ecology?

Through deep experience, deep questioning and deep commitment emerges deep ecology

By Stephan Harding

Happiness & The Art of Being

In Hind Swaraj, Gandhi exhorts using ‘soul force’ as a means to seek ‘right livelihood’ – which is what real freedom is all about.


I had set out thinking I would preach Kabir to the violent, misguided ones out there. But soon Kabir started speaking to me, in here.

The crisis in global environmentalism has deepened more than ever before. While some advocate a ‘return to the earth’ path, involving lifestyle changes to save global population from starvation, others put forth a strong case for tough regulations through proper institutional frameworks for realizing a larger, shared global sustainability.