Jul Sep 2011

Jul Sep 2011
Taking Charge of Health & Wellness


I spoke to an endocrinologist-diabetologist once and told him that I had been able to stop taking anti-diabetic medicine by eating more fruits and vegetables, minimizing cereals and fats and by eating the right foods at the right time. He took it as an insult to modern medicine and fumed, “Modern medicine has increased the life span of people, especially in degenerative diseases like diabetes. Do you know that if you stopped taking medicines you would have to eat more than a quarter kg. of vegetables a day?

not even notice it. We give our own overlying air-ocean so little respect that we even describe anything that is full of air as being empty.”
Gabrielle Walker, An Ocean of Air

The change has been fast. The consumeristic mindset is now all-pervading. We have morphed from being plain human beings to a ‘new and improved’ species called consumers.