Jul Sep 2012

Jul Sep 2012
Actions from the Grassroots

The theme of this issue: Grassroots Action will become incresingly important as people get disillusioned with the ablity of the government, multinationals and centerlised agencies to find solutions for problems of ecological destruction dn social inequlalities; this issue also highlights the work done b a few organizations and individuals committed to working with the grassroots and taking responsiblity into their own hands


Grassroots action is often thought of as something a few idealistic people do, or something that happens far away in villages and forests. The word ‘grassroots’ for the average city-dwelling student for instance, has rarely figured in school and college, since life revolves around books, class rooms and exams. Cities get a whiff of grassoots action when we find people joining Anna Hazare’s movement or start a cycling group or protest against the cutting of trees.

Years ago when I used to drive by car from Prague to our country cottage in Eastern Bohemia, the journey from the city centre to the sign that marked the city limits took about 15 minutes, after which came meadows, forests, fields and villages. These days the exact same journey takes a good 40 minutes or more, and actually, it is impossible to know whether I have left the city or not.