Jul Sep 2013

Jul Sep 2013
Gift Culture

Community is woven on Gifts

We are part of the early stages of a movement away from the globalised capitalist economic system which has almost overpowered the global human population and the whole eco-system of our planet. Almost, an important strand of this movement is of the gift ecomomy - which several thinkers are exploring along with other multiple ways of healing and rebuilding communities that ecologically wise.


We need to question our prevalent capitalist economic system more deeply and intensively. If we take the trouble to join the dots, we find that it is connected to many of the ills of our world - be it the rampant ecological destruction, the ever increasing urban sprawl, aggression against women and the underprivileged, or an oppressive and frenzied education system. We also need to study alternatives and ways to take our own positive steps towards dealing with them.

The characteristic of a truly sustainable city is, first and foremost, that it powers itself entirely by means of renewable energy systems. Herbert Girardet encourages us to make a quick switch to renewable energy to power our houses, our urban transport systems and our daily way of life.

What are the three qualities that should characterize a sustainable city?