Oct Dec 2011

Oct Dec 2011
Community and Commons


This issue marks the completion of two years of our journey with Eternal Bhoomi – and this has coincided with the historic civil society movement in India led by Team Anna. Over the two weeks of high drama and sheer grit, the movement saw several small communities spontaneously forming across the country and stoking the fires of revolt against corruption; there was anger converted to determination and the people of India felt that they had discovered their voice.

It was the first day of spring (according to the Hindu calendar), but here in the Himalayas it still seemed mid–winter. A cold wind hummed and whistled through the pines, while dark rain–clouds were swept along by the west wind only to be thrust back by the east wind.


To encourage children, youth, teachers, NGOs, Corporates and others to share with the world the eco projects they have worked on. To be a platform and a space for people to network and share their thoughts, ideas and projects from across the globe.



Imagine a world where every community or neighbourhood shares a strong sense of pride, roots and responsibility about the place it is located in, its schools, places of worship, playgrounds, the sources of its food and other commonly held resources.

We live in times of shifting priorities and market driven compulsions, yet many of us who are educationists or teachers do get pulled towards tuning in with Nature, doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions or adopt a more ecologically wise way of living.