Oct Dec 2011

Oct Dec 2011
Community and Commons


This issue marks the completion of two years of our journey with Eternal Bhoomi – and this has coincided with the historic civil society movement in India led by Team Anna. Over the two weeks of high drama and sheer grit, the movement saw several small communities spontaneously forming across the country and stoking the fires of revolt against corruption; there was anger converted to determination and the people of India felt that they had discovered their voice.

A space to know oneself.A space to grow.A space to experiment.

A space to do what YOU are really passionate about. A space to stumble and fall, make mistakes. A space to make friends.

It takes around 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce just one pair of regular blue jeans.  To grow the cotton required for an ordinary cotton shirt is not as bad as for jeans, but it still takes a whopping 400 gallons of water.