Oct Dec 2012

Oct Dec 2012
Youth: Seeds of Change

Every civilisation perpetuates itself through the mainstreaming of its central beliefs, by the conditioning of the minds of the young. In this generation of youth, as in  every other, there are the begennings of questioning and fighting the old and bringing in change in this case, of sustainable ways of living - by a few pioneering youth around the world - whom we acknowledge and celebrate in this issue


The state uses its muscle poer to quell the thousands of protesters in Koodamkulam, villagers in Omkareswar, had to stand for 17days in 'jal satyagraha' in the water to fight for their legitimate and constitutional rights for rehabilitation on being ousted from their lands and livelihood. Several people following Anna Hazare and others go on a fast every now and then to fight against corruption. A series of scams has only hardened the remorseless stand of the government.

As a child growing up in India, one of the first things I learned was a hymn to Saraswathi, the Goddess of Knowledge - 

“Wonderful is your gift of knowledge. The more we share, the more it grows, the more we hoard it, the more it diminishes.”