Oct Dec 2016

Oct Dec 2016

We are experiencing gradual but sure transitions of our civilization towards an ecologically aware and socially just way of living. It seems to be a trickle now - but all movements start small; Eternal Bhoomi in this issue presents some perspectives and stories of transition.


A defining characteristic of modern civilization seems to be the disempowerment of most people. Farmer suicides, apathetic citizens unable to take care of their waste, water and air, the desperation of students to get into colleges and jobs and their inability to find their own livelihoods, the grabbing of land by the land and industry mafia - these are all signs for us to see. And in a global and massive way we feel helpless about the free fall to disaster that our economic system and climate change are leading us to.

When was the last time you climbed a tree? Or have you ever climbed any tree in your life? Meet Verhaen Khanna, a young Delhi resident who connects people with the environment by teaching them how to climb trees, hug them, plant them and a lot. 

Rucha Chitnis writes about the Sikkim Organic Mission which over 12 years has helped Sikkim transition into the first  Organic State in India. 

With the fossil fuel era coming to a close, the future calls for a radical and drastic  reduction of our energy consumption and  the equitable distribution of energy to to all residents  of the Earth, says T.Vijayendra

Manu Sharma writes about this inspiring farmer who persisted in  his experiments that led to his methods of Zero Budget farming and freely shared them with others.

For Satish Kumar, friendship is the organising principle of life.