April June 2015

April June 2015
Holistic Wellbeing

What is true Wellbeing? Our authors share perspectives on holistic-wellbeing that goes beyond health that is a mere absence of disease. From economics and science to ayurveda and soil, the focus in this issue is to see the connections that can lead to wellbeing for all humans, plants and animals.


The human brain-mind is a phenomenal creation of Nature, giving us the amazing ability to make innumerable and complex mental connections. Yet, Nature failed in giving us a natural ability – that of seeing the whole picture and humans have ended up being caught up with immediate concerns, needs and feelings most of the time.

Devinder Sharma writes about capitalism which continues to make the super - rich richer and the poor, even more poor. What the poor get as financial support (or by way of cheap food, housing and energy) is called a ‘subsidy’, but what the rich and affluent get, and that is several times more, is termed as ‘incentive’.

“Travellers, there is no path!
Paths are made by walking…”    - Antonio Machado

Many ancients worshipped the sun. In modern times such beliefs would be held as primitive. But during the last decade, there has been a robust and growing body of research that is reestablishing the sun’s central place in our lives - through Vitamin D, which our bodies can produce only in the presence of sunlight.

Wellbeing means rejecting the illusory, consumerist notions of limitless growth.
Much conventional economics is focused on market based competition, money and profit – all predicated on the illusory notion of limitless economic growth. The results, in too many cases, are inequality and social conflicts, environmental degradation, and even wars.