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Previous Issues

Readers collect the Bhoomi magazine to re-read pieces by their favorite classic authors. Also, many teachers continue to use articles from previous issues in their classes. To make your own collection of the magazine, browse through our archives to pick a single issue or buy our themed bundles.

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Rethinking Education
Campaign for a million Eco projects
The Future of Our Children
The Green Schools movement

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Sustainable Living

Whats a good life
Good for us, Good for the Earth
Mindful Travel
Smart or Regenerative cities

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Food & Wellness

Focus on Food
Towards ecological sanity
Taking charge of Health & Wellness
Holistic Wellbeing

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Economics for Wellbeing

Whats a good life
Economics of Happiness
Development - seeing the whole elephant
Positivity & Violence

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Bhoomi Conferences

Whats a good life?
Campaign for a million Eco-projects
Economics of Happiness
Yugaantar - Foundations of an Ecological Age

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Single Issues

Learning from Indigenous People
Do we need ‘Smart’ cities or ‘Regenerative’ cities?
Local Water Solutions
Yugaantar - Foundations for an Ecological Age
Chemicals in our Lives
The Green Schools Movement
The Future of our Children
Climate Change & The Human Mind
Good for us.. Good for the Planet
Youth: Seeds of Change
Development: Seeing the Whole Elephant
Campaign for a Million Eco Projects
Community and Commons
Taking Charge of Health & Wellness
Gaia ~ Our Living Earth
Towards Ecological Sanity

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 Books & DVDS


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Does My Junk Food Love Me?
During the last 15-20 years, after globalization, food habits have undergone a drastic change. This CD explores the adverse effects of junk food  on today’s generation.

Rs. 100


Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh
Ancient Futures is much more than a film about Ladakh. It forces us to re - examine what we really mean by Progress - not only in the developing parts of the world, but in the industrial world as well.
The story of Ladakh teaches us about the root causes of environmental, social and psychological problems and provides valuable guidelines a for our future.
Rs. 150


Economics of Happiness
The Economics of Happiness shows how globalization breeds cultural self-rejection, competition and divisiveness; how it structurally promotes the growth of slums and urban sprawl; how it is decimating democracy.
Rs. 150